The TELEPROMPTER is the cornerstone of our equipment, yet it comes in many forms these days.  It is the face of what we do, and Rollout’s knack for lightweight, compact, versatile gear make our teleprompters a great addition to any show.



The teleprompter that most people are familiar with, the "Through-the-Lens" setup places the teleprompter's reflective glass in front of the camera lens, allowing the text from the teleprompter monitor to be projected onto the glass and right before the speaker's eyes, directly in front of the camera lens.  The speaker sees the words, the camera does not.

Utilizing advanced modern designs, Rollout teleprompters can be set up and torn down in a fraction of the time of traditional teleprompters, and all of these units are certified for both indoor and outdoor use.

Through-the-Lens setups are available in TWO standard configurations:

CAMERA MOUNT - The teleprompter attaches to the same tripod or dolly as the camera, transforming the teleprompter and camera into a single unit, allowing for free camera-movement and versatility.

ROLL-UP - The teleprompter mounts to a separate stand situated in front of the camera and tripod, allowing the teleprompter to work with any size camera and be added or removed with ease and speed, depending on your needs.

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Our 7-inch and 12-inch monitors, combined with small articulating arms, create a lightweight and easy-to-handle "Above-the-Lens" setup that your speaker will find easy to read with no compromise in eye-line,  and your camera operator will find so easy to handle, they won't even notice it's there.  All 7 and 12-inch monitors here at Rollout have the ability to receive power from the camera or be independently battery-powered, eliminating unnecessary cabling.

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Direct View

Need your speaker to be looking away from camera, receiving interview questions/talking points or carrying on a scripted conversation for a training video?  Then a DIRECT VIEW teleprompter is what you're looking for.  Simply a monitor mounted atop a stand, Direct View teleprompters can be placed virtually anywhere, allowing endless possibilities for the eye-line of your speaker.

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Confidence Monitors

These small to medium-sized monitors can be discretely-positioned at the foot of the stage or just off the stage, providing speakers and performers with a subtle view of their speech, bullet points, or lyrics.

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Back of House Monitors

These large monitors, spanning dozens of feet and placed either behind or within the audience, allow talent and performers to look out onto the crowd and find their copy or lyrics waiting for them, regardless of the size of the venue. Back of House Monitors can also be placed directly under a camera, allowing your talent to address the camera from any distance.

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While manufacturers offer case designs for safe transport of teleprompters, we here at Rollout have devised the most compact and efficient configurations possible for equipment of this quality, allowing all of the exact same teleprompters and accessories to travel in cases nearly HALF the volume of standard offerings, all designed to save space & time as well as both wear & tear on technicians and gear for load-in, setup, and teardown.

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Have other plans?  Using your own monitors? No issues there!  An operator can just bring in a single teleprompting station that can integrate into your system quickly and cleanly.  For more info, click or tap right here on TELEPROMPTING STATIONS.