Teleprompting Station

Great teleprompters and a fantastic Teleprompter Operator are connected by the most important piece of the puzzle: the TELEPROMPTING STATION (also known as a TABLE-TOP system). One might glance at it and see nothing more than a computer with a teleprompting program, but the reality is so much more.  Specialized software, customized hand controllers, scrolling engines, video converters, and more have all been brought together by Rollout to create innovative systems that are a perfect fit for your show, and can be set up in a fraction of the time of other companies’ stations.


Autoscript Winplus IP

Winplus by Autoscript has been setting the standard of professional studio teleprompting software for decades, utilized on the most demanding and well-known multi-camera broadcasts in the industry throughout the world.  Recently, they have unveiled their new Intelligent Prompting (IP) system, featuring a decades-in-the-making revamp of their classic tried-and-true software into a more streamlined, efficient interface, as well as new hardware providing native HD video outputs plus new networking capabilities...

...and we are proud to say that Rollout Prompting is the ONLY teleprompting company in Southern California currently providing this system, as well as the operators trained to use it.  If you want the absolute best for your multi-camera show, you’ve come to the right place.

Studio, Stage

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Mobile station stamp.jpg


In our experience, many shows (such as single-camera productions or commercials), don’t require the advanced features of Winplus (and sometimes those features can even get in the way).  This is why we’ve developed a station specifically designed for location work.  It runs a fast and simple yet professional teleprompting software that provides its own exclusive features.  Crafted into our custom-built self-contained design, a Rollout Operator can walk in, sit down, and have this station completely set up & running in less than a minute, ready to receive your script for formatting.  Tear-down is just as quick, keeping up with location changes and company moves at an unprecedented pace.