Specialty teleprompter services are no trouble at all for us here at Rollout Prompting.  Just let us know and we’ll be happy to accomodate.

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Battery Power

No power?  No problem!  Our setups run off of efficient, industry-standard battery power for the entire day if necessary, another must for many location situations.  Battery power is only available by request, and with the exception of our 7-inch teleprompters, an additional fee will be charged.  However, Rollout teleprompters are compatible with Anton Bauer gold-mount camera batteries, allowing them to easily work with many different camera packages to jump onto battery power as planned or in a pinch, so feel free to add additional batteries to your camera package in preparation at a lesser cost to you.

Another exclusive feature, Our MOBILE stations possess built-in batteries and backup battery systems that can run off of battery power at a moment's notice for as long as necessary, with no additional preparation required, creating a level of versatility you won't find anywhere else.



Need an interviewee to talk directly to the camera as if it were an interviewer?  Easy enough! We can set up what is called an "Interrotron" system, where by instead of text being displayed on a Through-the-Lens teleprompter, a live camera feed of another person can be displayed right into the glass and right in front of your subject, allowing them to visually-interact with another person while at the same time looking directly into the camera.  Just ask and we'll be happy to accommodate.

NOTE: Rollout Prompting does not provide cameras of any kind, so you must provide cameras & tripods for both your subject AND your interviewer.

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